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A little bit about me...


Although I wasn't born in Minnesota, my father's job brought my family to the Twin Cities area, and I grew up there. That idea may make you shiver, but it was an excellent place to grow up. Exploring the state's many ponds and lakes (liquid or frozen) and making snow forts, snowmen, and snowballs are the stuff of kids' dreams!


I have been writing in the software and technology industry for over 20 years, but I actually got my start writing procedures for a manufacturer. This was when I was still in college at the University of Minnesota, and I was pretty excited to be the company's first technical writer.


My passions – besides writing – are animals and reading. I contribute to pet rescue groups and have fostered in my home some really cute kittens. As for reading... well, I would do that all day if I didn't have to earn an income and take care of a family and pets!


My spouse is a software developer whose experience has blessed me with years of free tech support. We live with our two adolescent sons in a quiet, northeastern Atlanta suburb. In fact, we're closer to Athens, Georgia than Atlanta – go Dawgs! (I forgot to mention that I love football!)


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