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Flow Writing, LLC


"Mary is an exceptional bright, organized and self-motivated writer. She can grasp a project quickly and complete it with very little assistance, after the initial introduction. Mary balances exceptional attention to detail with good marketing sense and creativity and strong technical skills. She is an asset to any marketing team." - Karen Hutto



"Mary is an exceptional technical writer with a positive attitude, and always has great ideas. Mary is dependable, hard-working, and, simply, a joy to work with. I strongly recommend hiring her." - Jacki Reeves



"Mary is the kind of person that can take minimal instruction and turn out excellent results. She is very professional and thorough. She was always easy to work with and she never missed a deadline. I would not hesitate to use her services again." - Bruce Thompson 



"Mary is a talented writer with a head for technology. She has been a valuable part of our team during several marketing campaigns. Mary can always be counted upon to deliver the right message and meet her deadlines." - Barbara Ware


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